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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

She was here...

There were traces remaining,
like footsteps on wet sand.

They could be wiped off
by his slightest touch,
a slightly stronger wind,
but he chose not to,
and no such wind blew.

Those traces,
they remained,
as if they awaited her;
her homecoming.

But she,
she was nowhere near,
unheard of,
like the tiniest pieces
of broken glass
dissolved in the dusty air...

Eons, then, passed,
the wet sand coagulated,
telling stories
they once bore,
as traces
waiting to be effaced...


  1. There's a bit of a haunting feel to it.....good one sanhita...apparently, i have got all your three books

    1. thanks a lot Ritesh,,and I'd like to know what you think about those books you got :)

  2. Like the tiniest pieces
    of broken glass
    dissolved in the dusty air..

  3. I already told you about your story in 'Uff ye Emotions'.
    As for the murder mystery in 'Kaleidoscope', it was a nice attempt from you to try that genre, which is actually very challenging even for a seasoned mystery writer and you being primarily a romantic storyteller, that one surely must have been an acid test. I'd say it is a good story without being remarkable. I saw the end coming, so the mystery element got over for me even before you revealed it in the end.....
    Probably, you could have made it a bit more tough for the readers...but then, the average IQ of today's readers is so low that I guess most will find it thrilling down to the last line. Ain't it?

    1. hahaha, don't blame the readers .. yes, it wasn't filled with suspense or thrillers, it turned out to be a simple narrative..

  4. nice blog...keep in touch :)
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  5. People go, stories stay :) Well written :)

  6. People go, stories stay...
    Well written poem :)