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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Past No More

At midnight, I lie on my bed,
All soaked, all drenched,
In the tears of the past

I lay awake and contemplate
I wonder and regret
About the deeds of the past

She sits by my side
While my tears, I hide
And we talk about the past

We weep and we cry
Until the tears go dry
 Cognizing the past

She pats my back
As our pains slack
And we learn from the past

We soak no more
Our ships set ashore
And we leave behind the past.


  1. beautiful......
    loved it sanhita.


  2. I loved it. It is simple and full of emotions. Very well penned!

  3. Great ending Sanhita! Soak no more in the sad dreams of the past. Well written.

    1. really liked it a lot..hope to transform it into a beautiful song sumday..obviously with your permission..!!

  4. Loved this one. :) Esp the way you ended it.

    Do drop in at y-anil-kumar.blogspot.in when you find time.

  5. Deep. Sad. Beautifully expressed.
    Couldn't love the blog more!

    Visit mine sometime. :)

  6. Congratulations :)

    You've been awarded - The Versatile Blogger Award!!


  7. Thanks a lot. I'm elated. It will be treasured :)

  8. Tears always have a healing effect and yet we tend to hold them back. Beautifully expressed Sanhita.