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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Of outbursts and outcries

of myths and lies
in that gentle veil of silence
the love so pure, dies

The heart wails
and it bleeds
for all it couldn't get
and all it needs

And he's punished
he's torn
for all that is red
for all he had worn 

There were wounds
there were scars
and he was tied
behind the bars

Oh, there was laughter
and there was cure
there was lunacy
and there was lure

There was lust
on top of hatred's pile
there were the unfulfilled desires
and a wicked smile

Oh, there was freedom
there was salvation
but he knew it cannot die
not his own creation

On the path of oblivion
lied his grave, treacherous
and so he awaited, unaware
of the fate precarious...

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