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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Embracing the Winter you left...

Let that summer be yours
and this winter, it will be mine to keep...

the ever expanding white
and the naked tree standing alone shamelessly
let the green that once was, be yours 
and this pallidity will be mine to keep...

the coldness the sun fails to obliterate
the darkness that falls sooner than ever
let that warmth bygone be yours
this solitude will be mine to keep...


  1. Incredible , Intense , Deep and dripping with love beyond limits ..
    Love is but selfish
    Fabulous poetry Sanhita !!

  2. Very Nice Lines Indeed...Let the winter be yours...I am happy with the Summer.. :-)

  3. Yup...very poignant and powerful...also loved the pics....they went very well with the theme....
    PS- I received 'Kaleiodoscope' and the first story that i read was 'Secret of the murderous woods'

    1. thanks a ton :-) keep reading

      PS - expecting a review :)

  4. I would review the book on my blog soon....

    1. will be waiting and thanks for giving my story the honour to be read first :)

  5. ,Amazing weave of words. Every thing in the world get decayed, but something, like phoenix, will emerge from the ashes.