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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Home Remedies for Super Straight Hair :-P

Having naturally straight and long hair has its own advantage- Men often complement my hair and my female friends often ask how to make theirs straight. Now here is a easy and simple solution to make your hair straight so that it looks perfectly natural while saving you from the pains of visiting the parlour. So here goes my Gharelu Nuskha -
 We all know oil is extremely good for our hair. It protects your hair from damaging. So the next time your mother is cooking FISH, just sit beside her so that she can pour the oil that remains on the pan, on your hair. :-D.
After your hair is oiled you should know that it's protected so stand in the sun for 10 hours. (Yes , TEN)
Now your hair is hot and protected enough. So now you can keep an ANVIL on your hair as you sleep. Remember to spread your hair on the bed and then put the load of anvil on your hair (NOT on your HEAD). You will wake up with beautiful, strong, protected and super straight hair that will look natural n remain forever.

P.S. Don't WasH your hair, EVER


  1. Hi Sanhita,

    Wow, truly, such nuskaas can come from the ghar only. HAHAHA, it seems you're fed up and done with this thing. :p :p :p
    Loved this post. :)


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  3. If we dont wash the hair, wont it be too oily to be kept open?

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