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Friday, October 26, 2012

The War

The lust for bloodshed,
Cries and wails.
Broken domes,
Victory and fame,

Orphaned children,
Widowed women,
Corpses and crippled soldiers,
Defeat and shame.

Athena helped connive
While Ares watched lain
As Keres bore on
her rummage for the slain.

Dragons flew over
Breathing out the hot fire
Horses ran in menace
While the ruthless warriors
Kept slaying sans penance.

A realm is now demolished
Another expanded
A king’s head is chopped off
another smiles with triumph
With pride he looks
At the lives lost
While he prepares
For his kingdom
Of unwilling acolytes
Frigid women
dismayed orphans
and an empty throne..

 Read more at Taj Mahal Review Dec. 2012 Issue


  1. thats not fair, i was supposed to write on war first, but anyways i wouldnt have written this good, well done....i love this poem...phod diya sabka dimag

    1. haha, thanks.. btw gave you two-three days ka time.. you didnt write so i did :P

  2. Wel visualized and articulated! keep writing :)

  3. Well written...Can be interpreted at so many different levels. I liked.

  4. one's loss is another's gain....reminds me some hollywood movies.

  5. It initially reminded me of Martin Luther King Jr.'s words which were used in a Linkin Park's song Wisdom, Justice, And Love. Further it made me recall about the World war I. In which the winners lost more than the losers.

    And ultimately, it forces me to question the need of war. Why do such smart people put so much at stake for nothing? When no matter what, you are going to lose, some if not more lives, some if not more ammunition, some if not more money. Why? The reason is same as it is for petty fights we indulge in our daily lives. He has a reason you are not ready to accept and vice versa . It happened in Iraq, it happened on 9/11 in US. And it will continue that way, if we don't bridge that gap of communication. That might help avoid those petty fights between friends as well.

    I wrote a similar poem someday so I could relate to this poem as well.

    Very well written I must say. Congratulations for your book. Wish you plenty of such opportunities in future. Your blog has that mango tango to it :D

    1. thanks a lot for reading and appreciating :)
      and indeed, wars are a waste of time, money, human lives and what not.. and I wonder if the victory gives enough pride to fill what has been lost..