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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Farewell

When you see time passing you by
And you know you can't hold it back
May be you can plead and beg
But you know she just won't wait
When you see your brilliant tomorrow
Becoming a feeble and weak past
and you know he isn't as great now
As you thought he would be someday
When you see the world
Bidding you a veiled good-bye
When you see those who stay
aren't even willing to try
When you realize they just hurt
and pull you back by a strong thread
When you know you want to go
But the thread just becomes a rope
And pulls you back even more
You know you must leave,boy
you must leave when you still can
And when time flies but extends her hand to you
You must know you should leave,boy
For when you look back to smile
You see thorns,pits and rotten faces
And then you must know what to do
To smile anyway and bid a gentle adieu...