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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Falling in Love Again

And when I look into your eyes today,
your eyes, they tell me, I'm falling in love again..

Your smile that's beaming like never before
And I know I'm falling in love again..

May be I noticed you just today,
Or may be you've been there since ages,
but believe it when I tell you..
I'm falling in love all over again..


  1. Hi Sanhita,

    Ahh, lovely poetry to kickstart Sunday :)
    Loved it, falling in love again and with the same person is heavenly.

    I guess that's how relationships last so long. One needs to fall in love with the same person year-on-year.

    Thanks for sharing this poetry :)


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    1. Thanks Jay :-) Keep falling, rising and flying in love <3 :-)