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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The One, The Angel

The one with wings,
And a smile so tender
Those eyes that shine bright
With all the love and care
I searched for the one,
The one, my angel..

 And then you came
Showering love on me
Pouring all that you had
With that gentle touch
They said everyone has one
And I thought you were mine
My angel  charming
Destined to be mine..

But a storm came
and blew me along
I grasped you
But you let me go
I cried while you watched
And I fell hard, so hard..

But I wasn't someone
Who would groan in pain
I got up and my fallacy broke
I stood up, and I stood tall
And pledged to never again fall
And then I saw the one
My angel, with all the powers
With the magic to transform
And love to share
I looked at a mirror
And I smiled for real
While I saw my angel
My rummage it was over
When it dawned on me
That the angel I sought
Was no one  but ME J

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