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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Perfect Kiss

I read the note lying
On the gift he gave
"see you at 8 dear,
and don't be late"

It's a date
And I better go.
To impress him
I should know.

Well waxed legs
Threaded brows
Bleached facial hair
all that grows

2 hours to decide
The dress to wear
3 more to match
Shoes and hair

Lipstick and earrings
Mascara and kohl
Blusher and stockings
And am ready like a doll

It’s already 8
I open the door
No one had to wait
But a surprise I behold

A well washed car
A perfume so warm
A well suited man
And an outstretched arm

A rose in his hand
But I smelt trouble
When I saw his face
Beneath his stubble

I asked him
“No time to shave?”
He shrugged with a smile
Ruining the rave

I frowned
Later that night
When he asked
To kiss him goodnight

“Your stubble will hurt”
“It won’t I promise”
“It looks like dirt”
“Oh you just like to tease”

“I groomed myself
From top to toe, it hurts
since you come unshaved.
Oh, you drive me nuts”

He shrugged again
And thought of an excuse
“I look cool with it
Don’t you refuse”

“If you think so,
Then remain cool,
But no kiss tonight”
I was no fool.

He thought I was joking
And he came for a kiss
I left the party at once
Me, he had to miss.

The next day he was
Again at my door step
With chocolates and flowers
But also the stubble I hate.

I closed the door shut
“come when you’ve shaved”
I would not go on a date
For me, let him crave

I didn’t pick up his calls
The roses, I let them rot
It happened for two more days
And finally what to do, he got

The next day the man
Who waited for me
Was a clean shaved
Handsome he

With the same car
The same suit
With a fresh rose
And a new look

We smiled both
And shied a bit
And the perfect date
Ended with a kiss J

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